The Milpitas Fire Department is driven by the vision to provide outstanding service to the community through the core values of our mission statement. "The preservation of life, property, and the environment within the community is the reason for our existence".


Provide comprehensive emergency response, fire protection, emergency medical services, disaster preparedness, community education, risk reduction, and other related services in an efficient, effective, and caring manner to the Milpitas community. The Fire Department is organized into six functions as follows: Fire Administration; Operations Division, EMS and Training, Office of Emergency Management, Fire Prevention, and Fire Prevention Administration.

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  1. Jason Schoonover

    Fire Chief

  2. Fire

    Physical Address
    777 S Main Street
    Milpitas, CA 95035

    Emergency Phone: 911

  3. Fire Prevention

    Physical Address
    455 E. Calaveras Blvd.
    Milpitas, CA 95035


  • Fire Department Administration: Directs the department in field operations, budget and fiscal policy, administrative systems and procedures, employee training and development, and labor and management issues. 
  • Fire Department Operations Division: Responds to emergency incidents involving fires, medical emergencies, vehicle accidents, specialized rescues, hazardous material releases, and other risks affecting the health and welfare of the community.
  • Fire Department Training, Emergency Medical Services, and Safety Division: Directs firefighter training and succession planning. Operates drill grounds and training curricula to ensure readiness for all-risk response. Oversees compliance with paramedic and emergency medical technician licenses and certifications, State and local reporting and quality assurance requirements, and cooperative contracts with the ambulance service provider.
  • The Office of Emergency Management (OEM): Implements disaster preparedness and response programs, outreach and education, and regional collaboration planning. 
  • Fire Prevention Division: The Fire Prevention Division plans, organizes and implements all Fire Department prevention and inspection programs, including fire and arson investigations, vegetation management, hazard abatement, code enforcement, public fire safety education, plan checking, and evaluation and development of codes and ordinances.