Shopping Carts Retrieval Program

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Impound carts

Required information: Shopping Cart location: street address, cross streets, city and number of cart(s)

Preventing Abandoned Carts

The shopping cart ordinance, Milpitas Municipal Code Title V, Chapter 13 requires business cart owners to be responsible to prevent the removal of carts from premises and to facilitate the retrieval of abandoned carts. Businesses providing shopping carts for customer use are required to participate in one of two options to comply with the ordinance:

Option 1: Submit the Cart Removal Prevention Plan / Cart Retrieval Service Submittal

Cart owners are required to develop and implement a specific plan to prevent customers from removing shopping carts from the business premises. This plan focuses on physical measures and customer education, including, but not limited to, signs on carts and signs on property. The plan may or may not include a cart retrieval service exemption. If a retrieval service is chosen and documented, this will become the plan and owner is exempt from submitting the full cart removal prevention plan. 

If the City or its cart retrieval service provider picks up your abandoned shopping carts, you can recover your cart(s) at the impound lot. A $36 per cart bounty will be charged if cart is not pick up within three business days of notification. Details and process: Non-Participating Stores – Abandoned Shopping Cart Flow Chart 

Option 2: Join the Abandoned Shopping Cart Retrieval Program 

The City of Milpitas will partner with you in our Program to pick up your shopping carts within city boundaries and return them to your store for a $12 per cart retrieval fee. Details and process: Participating Stores – Abandoned Shopping Cart Retrieval Program Flow Chart

Program Benefits

  • Carts are directly returned to your store within a day, if possible
  • You pay only $12.00 per cart. If you do not join the program, you pay $36 per cart that includes actual and administrative costs if you do not collect the carts at the impound lot within the three-day notice period
  • No need to arrange a time with City staff to drive to the impound lot to pick up the carts as yours will be returned directly to the store
  • Per City ordinance if you provide a cart retrieval service either individually or as part of a consortium, you are exempt from the requirement to provide physical measures to keep carts on your premises, submitting a Cart Removal Prevention Plan, or being subject to fines for not submitting a Plan

To join the City's Abandoned Shopping Cart Retrieval Program, fill out and sign the Agreement for Cart Retrieval and email to You will then be contacted by the City when the Agreement is fully executed. 

For general questions regarding the City program please contact:

Code Enforcement Officer Anthony Fantozzi at (408) 586-3078 or