Neighborhood Beautification Awards

Goal of the Awards: 

The Neighborhood Beautification Awards Program was established to recognize and reward City of Milpitas residents, property owners, and business establishments, for efforts on maintaining an aesthetic front yard.

All properties will be judged on their visible aesthetic appearance from the street.

Minimum Requirements

• One form per nominee must be received by Friday, September 29th

• Only the property owner, or resident can nominate themselves for the Awards Program (anonymous nominations will be disqualified)

• Properties in violation of building, municipal and/or zoning codes will not be eligible.

Award Categories

The Community Advisory Commission will be reviewing submissions at the Commission meeting on Wednesday, October 4th. Information on how to attend can be found here. The awards will be given from one of three categories:

1. Residential Property: This category focuses on a single or multi-family homes and apartment complexes.

2. Non- residential Property: This category focuses on non- residential properties including (restaurants, businesses, medical offices, and shopping centers).


All the winners and nominees will receive a Certificate of Recognition issued by the City of Milpitas. The certificates will be handed out at a City Council meeting.

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